Documentation of the SmartSHARK database.


Plugin Name Version Description
changeSHARK 2.0.1 Compares commits to get classifications of changes
coastSHARK 2.0.7 Collects AST Data.
inducingSHARK 1.0.0 Find probable bug-inducing commits via git blame
issueSHARK 2.0.5 Plugin to collect data from issue tracking systems.
labelSHARK 2.2.0 Label commit data.
linkSHARK 2.1.0 Plugin to add links between commits and issues.
mailingSHARK 2.0.1 Plugin to collect data from mailing lists.
mecoSHARK 2.0.2 Calculates metrics and clones on revision level.
prSHARK 1.0.2 Plugin to collect data from pull request systems.
refSHARK 2.1.3 Plugin to get refactorings on revision level.
rMinerSHARK 0.0.3 Refactoring plugin based on rMiner
travisSHARK 2.0.8 Collects information from the Travis CI.
vcsSHARK 2.1.0 Plugin to get the history of a project from a GIT repository.

Database Design

Collection and Field Information